Altitude Acclimatization Cusco

You are thinking how far you can go up, and how to acclimatize!

The Altitude Acclimatization Cusco first thing you need to know is that everybody is not affected by altitude sickness “Called commonly by Andean communities Soroche”. You may not feel any symptoms at an altitude of 3048 m / 10,000 ft. That is not unusual, because at that altitude 30% people never feel any sickness (even, if they are sick most of them feel mild sickness). So if you hear that someone had no problem while at Cuzco, it does not mean, you do not need to acclimatize “Yes you have to do it”. If you are in a tour group coming from see level, or in a big family, there is always a chance, that someone of the group members would be affected, by this altitude sickness.

Height of Cities in Cuzco and Peru

  • Lima city 5080 m / 1550 ft
  • Cuzco city 3350 m / 10,990 ft
  • Cuzco Urubamba 2880 m / 9,448 ft
  • Cuzco Ollantaytambo village 2851 m / 9,353 ft
  • Cuzco Machupicchu Pueblo 2065 m / 6,774 ft
  • Cuzco Machupicchu Park 2400 m / 7,874 ft
  • The Classic Inca Trek and most of the hike / trek around Cuzco region 4200 m / 13,779 ft
  • Puno city 3860 m / 12,420 ft
  • Lake Titicaca 3860 m / 12,420 ft
  • Arequipa city 2380 m / 7740 ft

What is Acclimatization!

The Acclimatization is the process, where our body tries to adjust, with the lower amount of oxygen available at high altitudes “it is certainly a slow process”.

You need at least 2 or 3 days, and some in cases even weeks, for this process to work. Actually this term is more appropriate for Mountaineers, as they climb 4572 m / 15,000 ft or more. In Cuzco Peru is at 3505 m / 11,500 ft (sightseeing tours), and Lake Titicaca is at 3860 m / 12,420 ft. So neither of them is really high, compared to the high Andes Mountains, to the mountaineers’ heights below 3657 m / 12,000 ft do not mean much; even for general people 2438 m  –  2743 m / 8000 ft – 9000 ft may people not have any effect. That is why most of the visitors at Peru, remain not effected, though they do not really go through acclimatization process.

What are the symptoms?

Visitors from the world, we suppose that we are affected by this sickness (SOROCHE), now what will happen? How serious it can be? Or, you are dying to know that, right?