In the land of the Incas, the direct descendants from the Incas, the Andean people, who built the great monumental works of Machupicchu, now is recognized worldwide as Machu Picchu “the lost city of the Incas“, let’s make everybody a social work and be involved with TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU MUNAY Foundation .

Support Andean Products

When we come to Peru, specifically to Machu Picchu, for somewhere, we want to buy, a souvenir, can be an Andean textile “of course an original ones”; it is true that in different places are people selling these products with different qualities, but we do not know, if it is a good material or not! The Colonial town of Pisac has become a very famous for the Sunday’s market, Andean people are coming down, from their high mountains to buy or to sell some needs, but the souvenir market is open all days, now it has become a very commercial place and is not original souvenir.

TREKS 2 MACHU PICCHU Project is to support real Andean families, than, they do not have the choice to get big markets, and how we can help?

TREKS 2 MACHU PICCHU MUNAY works at Chinchero side Mountain: Buy a textile worked with an ancestral techniques, using natural fabrics, we have a group of families, that they are going to show, how to get the manufacture in ancestrally work, like, when, they are collecting the Alpaca wool, how is washed the wool, how to use natural dyes and finally the embroidery or processing work in textiles, each textile tells a story, a fact, when you are purchasing a textile, you are directly supporting farmers from a particular area, 15 families want to show the world, how these Andean textiles is elaborated with their hands. A hundred percent, you are helping Andean families and a hundred percent, you are getting original Alpaca wool for all life. If you want to help, tell us, according your vacations, we can take you to these places, with some of your tours.

Support children to explore Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the greatest and wonderful Inca citadels in our planet; people from Cusco can visit Machupicchu only a few of them. Much more remote idea is from Andean communities.

TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU MUNAY “Support children to explore Machu Picchu”, this project is focused, to provide a support service, to bring children and young people from the remote areas (their fathers also they don’t know this place, they work as a Porter on the Inca trail, the last day of hike, they have another trail to back home, No Machupicchu to them).

Andean children support service; they can explore, the Inca ancient citadel of Machu Picchu “in their native languages, Quechua”, in order, to show them, this wonderfully place (for the entire life), we are promoting this journey with your helps, including them all the expenses and services, to learn about the megalithic construction of their ancestors, and to understand the greatness culture that they have.

School supplies support

TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU MUNAY “school supplies support to Pachamama children”, the only unique way, to change a social reality, it is with Education.

Andean students are located in remote areas, and also, they are spread all around the Andes. The Peruvian government has implemented and built primary schools and some secondary schools in different areas, but they are not enough, because Andean children are living, in furthest mountains, sometimes, they don’t have an opportunity to reach the school because: there aren’t transports, any roads, any electricity, and any modern life “they go by foot to study, if it close enough the school”. The Education is the best form to everyone we want to change our lives, and they want to study.

How we can alleviate, these difficulties, contributing with implements to study such as, “notebooks, crayons, pencils, etc” so they can be more relieved with these gifts support and enhance teaching, that is provided with all materials we are giving them.

Support in rainy season

TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU MUNAY “support project in rainy season”. Andean people are suffering, in rainy season around the Andes, the reason, it is because during the months, of October to December, the first rains are in Cusco, and between Januarys to March the rains are more torrential rains, and in mid-April ends the rains around Cuzco.

People from the Andes, leverage the months of August to November to plant their products, it is very important to provide by themselves with some needs, because the dry season is long, during the year (no rain, no water does not produce the land).

How we can help for the rainy season: if you have a rain gear not to old, please with you to Peru, TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU MUNAY “rainy season project” help to organize to give this important equipment them, if it is possible rubber boots for all ages, especially to children and old people; rubber boots of different sizes, so that the feet, do not get wet, and they do not fish a cold, Andeans used sandals made of rubber tires, “is rustic”. Help me to help to Pachamama children to keep feet dry and excellent health.

Support in winter

TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU MUNAY “support project in winter”. On high Andean mountains, in early May, the first frosts begin in the Andes, between June and August, the temperatures can be, very extreme, in these months snow falls, the earth does not occur, no grass (no forage for animals, they go to heaven because Llamas, Alpacas, Vicuñas only eat fresh grass not dray ones), infants and children are suffering from colds, there are children, a good percentage that they will not endure forever in cold, they go to a better life. Let’s help them to be much better in this wonderful life, a little help, it is going to be a big help to them.

We gladly welcome cold equipment to wear Andean children, of any kind. These help it is going to be in children’s hands, we looking for, the most remote places, especially people, that they are living near the Snow Mountains and inhospitable places.

Thanks to your support, the quality of life is improved to safeguard a good generation!

Support, plant “Native Trees”

TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU MUNAY “Support, plant Native Trees”, this foundation is based on green conservation and preservation of natives trees from the Andes.

Planting a tree, it is giving a life, and planting one thousand trees, it is much better for preserving our planet, in a green color, for future generations, for growing up trees, give us a healthy oxygen and natural environment.

The Tree of Queuña (native Andean tree) can grow up to 4500 meters high, very good tree to preserve soils, for no erosion, windbreaks and to preserve the house and Sheltered Andean families windless frigid. Andean people are very happy with a reforestation the beautiful Andes.

Help us, to plant a green living.