Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Trip Advisor

We have Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Trip Advisor a lot of people from the Andes, specifically, from remote locations, they live close the Snow Mountains, and inhospitable places, places where the Andean families, they feel free, outside of modern changes.

The Porters

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Trip Advisor Porters are farmers from the high Andes Mountains; they are using rustic instruments for farming, and only some families are lucky to have modern instruments. Most of their lives, they don’t have any chance to have another job, than to be a Porter, they start in early years and they get finish around 62 years old. In order to have another job, we promote them an unconditional support, to work on the Inca Trail. We provide security, and they are well implemented, with all the adventure equipment and clothing to perform this worthy work. Porters can carry 20 kg for 4 days, only people from the countryside can make it, which is why all carriers, they have to be farmers, to become a porter, every year they have to register in SERNARP (national company of nature for regulating the permits to work in the Inca road of Peru), the Porters present their national identity, documents to register on December “every year it is the same system documentation “,  depends on Porter’s whether to work once or 4 times a month for carrying luggage adventure.

Porter maltreatment

Some companies claim to promote and assist Porters, but the reality is different, the agency contract their services for 4 days (Porters might work constantly in the same company, or might choose another company for better treatment, if they have the chance).

First when a Porter get finish their jobs, porters have to return to Cusco for receiving their respective salaries, this causes unnecessary expense for porters because Cusco is expensive.

Second: They are not given adequate food; porters are only eating noodles, and very little almost every day.

Third there are companies that require the Porters to dress t shirts and synthetic equipment to identify with their agencies; this causes them problems in their health because the ultraviolet rays are super dangerous.

Fourth: Agency not provides mattresses or sleeping bags to porters, they cannot recover from hard work, (the agency has this equipment but they don’t provide them, the entire equipment, it maintains new equipment to get next year permission on Inca road). This is wrong, for being an irresponsible agency. you will realize gentlemen hikers than the kitchen and dining tent is damaged, closures / zippers do not work, Porter might get wet when it rains, and when it winds strong, enters the cold, and do not rest well and they have to continue their work of load adventure equipment, those irresponsible agency are just “screen and names”, we all know this reality (specially Guides), which is why we decided to get open our own tour agency, that it is responsible and thought to workers to make your holidays adventure in Peru, an excellent service to customer and good treatment to our Porters to work on Inca roads.

TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU, good treatment to Andean Porters

We are serious and responsible company with our porters. TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU Company hires people from the South of of Cuzco, a place called Ausangate (6300 m / 20,669 ft.), which is the first highest mountain in Cuzco, around this place, there is an Andean community called Ocongate with many settlements near the mountains and remote areas of the Andes.

At Ocongate, we found the famous Yanacallos (means in Inca language – Quechua, the black tongue). Why they are the Black tongue! It is because they are talkative, cheerful, jovial people and they have a very good sense of humor, always happy working and providing support.

We employ many people from these areas, in order to have an opportunity job, that it is sustainable.

Good treatment to Porter

One day before leaving for the Inca road, Yanacallos people are arriving to Cuzco “in the afternoon”, we have a meeting, at the deposit area of TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU, we provide them, all the equipment required to work into the Inca roads (Cap, shoe, t-shirts, trousers, jacket, sweater, water container, mattress, sleeping bag, etc), all the clothes, that they don’t use, they are leaving in our lockers until they return to Cuzco.

Thus is organized jointly with them, how to work every day, also Yanacallos are given a one night stay, at the Casa Del Porteador (Porter´s hostel). On day one outlet to work on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, we leave very early from Cuzco city, and we go towards Ollantaytambo village, which is the first stop, to the entire group “visitors and porters, for half an hour to take a local breakfast, that it is provided to Yanacallos, when, we get at Km 82, which is the starting point of the Inca Trail, the head Porter takes the weight of 20 kilos, to each Porter, to enter their control, to despite the adventure luggage (other agency overloaded their porters, if they have an extra kilos, they are renting horses, on day one, and thus to avoid the actual weight, but the following days they are carrying more than 20 kilos). The chief Porter has a Romana (an instrument for weighing cargo kilos); daily weight balance for all the porter is performed.

All our porters carry the weight, that it is stipulated by the network of Inca roads, the first day hike, after attending our customers “lunch place”, our porters, begin to prepare their nutritious lunch, and also they have their own cook, apart from the main cook to foreign travelers, this it is very important, because, I sow in my guidance, that many tour companies do not provide breakfast and lunch to their workers on first day, you will notice all this.

When, they get finish their jobs we bring back them “Yanacallos” by train to Ollantaytambo village and then by transport to Cuzco (if the Porters are from Lares and surrounding areas, we performed their transport to their respective communities by the tour operator). Once all Porters are in Cuzco, we send back by local transport to their homes. We promote this change, for better life; with development to their families to safeguard future generations.

All our porters have comprehensive insurance and medicines if needed.

We provide courses each year, as how to serve our customers, how to preserve nature, how to use organic soaps and detergents, we use meshes nor to leave waste, when preparing food, and thus the streams within the Inca roads are clean, all trash, it is produced by visitors and the support group, we back to Cusco, to the respective containers. We are promoting the welfare and quality of life with the environment.

Group sizes approx.:

  1. : 4 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 Cook + 9 Porters
  2. : 5 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 Cook + 10 Porters
  3. : 6 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 Cook + 11 Porters
  4. : 7 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 Cook + 11 Porters
  5. : 8 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 Cook + 11 Porters
  6. : 9 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 2nd guide + 1 Cook + 12 Porters
  7. : 10 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 2nd Guide + 1 Cook + 13 Porters
  8. : 11 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 2nd Guide + 1 Cook + 14 Porters
  9. : 12 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 2nd Guide + 1 Cook + 14 Porters
  10. : 13 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 2nd Guide + 1 Cook + 15 Porters
  11. : 14 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 2nd Guide + 1 Cook + 16 Porters
  12. : 15 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 2nd Guide + 1 Cook + 17 Porters
  13. : 16 Hikers + 1 local Guide + 1 2nd Guide + 1 Cook + 18 Porters

NOT included extra personal porters to carry personal items.