Sacred Valley And Machu Picchu Tour


The Sacred Valley of the Incas, it was the agricultural center of vast Inca Empire. Fertile land with an excellent climate, has been the origin of maize (90 varieties) for thousands of years, between the long stretches Valley of Pisac, and Ollantaytambo.

Northward end the narrow valley, where Machu Picchu citadel is flanked by the Urubamba River; it has beauty and unique landscape. The Valle Sagrado is also Home, to the Quechua’s people descendants, who maintain the same customs, and rituals from their Inca ancestors.


Tourist Information Cusco. As a contribution to make an adequate tourism in Cusco, we offer varied information on the main attractions in Cusco and especially in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


This large archaeological complex is located in the district of P’isaq, province of Calca, 33 km. to the east of the city of Cusco.

There is a strange coincidence between the distances that connect the cities of P’isaq, Cusco and Pikillacta. The distance between Cusco and P’isaq is 30 km, it is the same distance if you measure from P’isaq to Pikillacta and from Cusco to Pikillacta are also 30 km. By joining these three cities with a straight line, a perfect equilateral triangle is achieved, which creates multiple speculations around the incredible architectural genius that the Incas had.

The beauty of its walls, built with large stone blocks polished with extraordinary symmetry and unparalleled handling of the stone leave the visitor perplexed.

At first the amazement is inevitable, then a feeling of deep respect arises for the creators of those centenary buildings, mute witnesses of the greatness of an empire.
“On the banks of Willkamayu, the sacred god river that runs through channels of carved stone dominating its fury, begin the fringes of light and shadow of the famous platforms of P’isaq, the great city of the partridges. built on a crest of blue rock, almost over the air to envision the most beautiful of the valleys of Cusco, “says Peruvian journalist Alfonsina Barrionuevo, from this ancient Inca city.

Pisaq is formed by a set of enclosures that are possibly homes, aqueducts, roads, bridges, a cemetery, walls and large areas of huge terraces.


Summary of Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour 1D

  • Private tours are completely flexible
  • This tour we perform during, and we start one hour early than the regular tour to avoid crowds
  • Duration full day tour
  • Sightseeing tours in Modern Inka motor coach with fuel
  • Places to visit: Taray lookout, Inca Pisac park, the Colonial Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Chinchero Incan sites
  • Level: Easy

Itinerary of the Sacred Valley of the Incas tour

Inca Pisac / Colonial Pisac /Ollantaytambo / Chinchero

A Day Tour

Tour through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, we will begin one hour earlier than most tour agencies, thus it is much better to enjoy the best locations and panoramic views (It is less congested).

At 08:00 am we will start our tour using a path that winds over the mountains, north Cusco on way we will stop at Taray lookout to appreciate the Sacred Valley of the Incas view.

Pisac it is the first archaeological side to visit 3650 m / 11,975 ft. In Pisac the fine art works made of stones are impressive the agricultural terraces all over mountain; today we have a trek using an old Inca road system mainly down and uphill sometimes but not difficult. During the hike we have beautiful view spots of the Inca cemetery, a tunnel, Inca lookouts, etc. The main area it’s the Sun Temple place where we can appreciate the Inca cross, the royal houses and the Inca fountains a unique experience, then we have the Colonial Pisac market 2972 m / 9,750 ft. that is worth visiting.

Time off to walk around the Colonial Pisac to do some shopping, and then we have to meet at 12:30. to continue our trip towards Urubamba Village (one hour) 2800 m / 9,186 ft. place where it is served a taste Andean Lunch; later on it is Ollantaytambo Temple place where it was an important Inca temple built by Andean people this special site it is a place where you can appreciate an amazing rock formation representing an Incan Wiracocha God and the nice Inca Princess fountain shaped with the Andean Holy Cross Called Chakana.

In our way back to Cusco we have Chinchero last place to visit, if we have time or depends group progress tour welcome this Incan site.

Chinchero 3800 m / 12,467 ft. it is our first stop for visiting the Incan site of Tupac Inca Yupanqui (10th Inca Government). Place where we can admire a well-preserved Inca Wall around Chinchero Square also the beautiful Colonial Church dedicated to Montserrat Saint Virgin with nice painting in frescoes. In Chinchero we have some textiles center managed by local Andean families; families where they can teach you how to weave textiles of Alpaca wool using old Inca instrument with ancient Inca knowledge (shopping welcome).

  • Meals: Lunch in Urubamba
  • Highest point: by car: Chinchero 3800 m.
  • Difficulty: Easy

Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour Included

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  • All pick ups
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  • All site and attraction entrance tickets
  • 01 Andean Lunch.
  • All Local taxes.

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The Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour 1D – Private Service Prices

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