Cusco, Peru – South America The Local Experts Trek 2 Machu PicchuTrek 2 Machu Picchu is a Cusqueñian TOUR OPERATOR; GROWN OUT OF DRIVING WITH ENTHUSIASM AND SOLID NATIVE KNOWLEDGE PEOPLE?ENRIQUETA CARRION MIRANDA , over 10 years guiding and managing small and large tour groups; we took the decision to open TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU; since 2015 (fully licensed by Peruvian government to operate our own groups in Cuzco and Machupicchu).TRESK 2 MACHUPICCHU, has created wilderness vacations for active outdoor minded travelers by offering not only a combination of fun, challenge and excitement but also inspiring adventures designed to rejuvenate your body and spirit. We are all about going to beautiful places to get away from it all; learning new skills, having once in a lifetime world life encounters, meeting great people and introducing you to an eco-friendly way to travel to Peru. Most of all, we are dedicated to supporting conservation affecting Areas we travel. Our highly skilled guides are committed to your safety and comfort, talking tremendous pride in our attention to detail toward all aspects of your trip.Our Core Values

  • Friendly and respectful with Visitors.
  • Respect and protect the World heritage (TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU focus on seriously taking care of and preserving our environment; making sure to cause a low impact on the Pachamama where it operates; all trash produced during the hike returns to Cusco.
  • Respect and protect the environment, Green areas and promote sustainable use of resources and Tourist Attractions.
  • We respect the Existing tax regulations. (19% IGV or consumption tax) on all services contributing with Peru country’s growth & development; further to this we pay a 30% tax on all earnings (SUNAT tax regulations of Peru). There are many tour operators who do not pay taxes and do not declare neither their sales nor most of their earnings or declare them with a lower value giving them the possibility of lowering their prices causing unfair, illegal competition.
  • Defogging our functions to highest standards of quality. Our clients are extremely satisfied with TREKS 2 MACHUPICCHU services; please read trip reports on Trip advisor.
  • We offer a personalized service to Visitors.
  • Punctuality, Responsibility.
  • Patience and a lot of tolerance.

Thanks so much.